Custom Leather Dog Collar

Order a custom, handmade, leather dog collar for your pup.

Asha, our four-week old puppy, bolted on me. I thought I had both dogs under control, but as my two dogs intertwined around my legs to interact with the other two dogs, my instinct was to let go and allow them to detangle themselves. “Our dogs are fine with other dogs,”  we all said as the dogs pushed for introductions. But Asha misread the other dog’s intentions, first cowering in fear and then switching into greyhound-gear as her little legs raced down the street. The chase was on. The larger dog went into prey-drive oblivious to the call back of her frantic people. By now I was also running with my older dog as Asha turned the corner up the hill and out of site. Cars slowed. Out of breath, I see a familiar neighbour and ask if she can drive me up the hill. She does. We peek down each street in hopes of finding Asha. Unsuccessful, she drops me off at home. Asha is sitting by the back gate, unharmed. I realized how much I love her. I am relieved that Asha knows where her home is.

That afternoon I fast-tracked my plans to make dog collars. The ‘what if’ of losing Asha and not having any hope that she was wearing identification tags was too much. The collar is a critical piece of a dog’s relationship with us.


Keepsake Leather Collars are hand-dyed, hand-painted, and hand-stitched. Special care is taken to capture something special about your dog's character while providing a safe place for their ID tags and leash hook up for light walks.

This is 100% hand-work. Custom leather dog collars are:

  • Hand-dyed (using only natural plant dyes)
  • Hand-cut
  • Hand-stamped
  • Hand-sanded and burnished
  • Hand-painted (using unscratchable, leather-dye paints)
  • Hand-stitched 
  • Hand-sealed
  • Hand-polished

The leather collars are rigid enough that they will not twist on the dog's neck during play and may be adjusted to accommodate changes in neck size over time (such as hair cuts or puppy growth). They are super durable and treated with natural water-repellant oils and waxes. The painted designs will not scratch off, even if your dog is a perpetually neck-scratcher or likes to play bitey-face with other dogs. Your dog would pretty much have to develop opposable thumbs and learn how to use a razor edge to scratch the paint.

Each handmade leather dog collar is one of a kind and unlike anything you can find in a pet store. I personally guarantee that there will be no two alike.

This is how it works.

1. Have a look at the availalbe designs in the top left image above to see what you might like. In order, the designs are called: 

  • Happy squares
  • Daisy chain
  • Lil shark bite
  • Bubbles
  • Big shark bite

2. Enter your custom details, dog specs and contact information by clicking on the link below.

3. Pay for your custom leather dog collar on my MODO Make Etsy page. You can do this after we've connected and agreed on the customization details. Custom collars are $75 CAD, any dog, any size. 

4. Email me a photo of your dog(s) at (Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to allow image uploads to the form.) 

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