Custom Quilt

Yes, I can make you a custom quilt.

My Aunt Margo introduced me to quilting in 2004. Even as an avid sewer, i hadn't thought much of quilting before then. It has since become a staple of my creative freedom and sanity. I decided to master quilting in 2004, when I was supposed to be writing my master's thesis. I got both done. Testimony for the necessity of creative outlets during times of stress.

I have made many quilts, and no two look anything alike. Fabric calls to me, and then I see it's potential, what it wants to be when it grows up. Patterns are like recipes, not to be taken too seriously. Perfection, on the other hand, is taken very seriously - perfect piecing, perfect stitching, hand-sewn binding.

If you'd like a custom quilt, send me some ideas of what you are looking for. Include the size you need (or mattress size) and some pictures of other quilts or things that inspired you to make the request.

These are prices for different sizes in $CAD, all costs (except shipping) included.

  • Crib: $260
  • Couch: $450
  • Twin/Single: $675
  • Double: $1,000
  • Queen: $1,600
  • King: $2,200
  • Matching pillow cases: $50 each
  • Matching quilted pillow shamps: $100 each
  • Matching bed skirt or other: By request

I may also have some ready-made quilts in the MODO Etsy store.

Contact me to get started.